About My Village Plants

Its a free website dedicated to Gardeners and designed to showcase the beautiful plants in your garden. Additionally, we want to reduce the cost of gardening so the website will allow you to communicate and interact with your fellow villagers so you can swap plants or offer cuttings of your plants and in doing so we reduce the cost of gardening.

For those of you who don’t know what a cutting is, there is information on the website that explains and shows you how to take cuttings and save a small fortune.

I’ve spent the past few years growing every single cutting I can rather than buying plants. It is a fantastically enjoyable and rewarding experience when a plant comes good. The knowledge that you’ve grown and potted on a plant for free that should have cost you £10 in a shop. My very best example is that I decided to grow an entire long border with an old type of English Lavender that populated a corner of the garden. In 2 seasons I’ve managed to grow the entire amount from cuttings. In just the Lavender example alone, buying semi mature plants at the Garden Centre would have cost between £500 and £1000, I’ve saved at least 95% of the cost.

I’m not sure how far we can take the site, but it might even lend itself to saving money and group buying on basics e.g. root trainers, potting compost etc. I’m open to all suggestions to use the site to make the cost of gardening cheaper.

Anyone, anywhere in towns and villages across UK can use the site to set up their own little trading group. First step is to build enough subscribers so spread the word.