What is My Village Plants? A free website dedicated to posting pictures of your garden plants and swapping sub divided plants or cuttings to save money and make the cost of Gardening cheaper.

How much does it cost to join? Its Free and will always be free so just register!

Will I save money? I’ve given one example already where I saved almost £1000 taking cuttings from lavender plants. In reality, this is an extreme example but there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to save small fortunes each year on the retail price of plants by growing cuttings from other members.

Does it take up a lot of time? No is the answer. I’ve been amazed how little time it takes. The average cutting takes around 15 minutes including prep and potting time and you tend to take multiple cuttings. It then takes no more than a few minutes a week to check and care for the cutting.

Is it difficult to grow cuttings? Depends the type of plant. There are very easy plants like Lavender and Heather then there are more challenging plants like Camellias and Rhododendrons. The more challenging the plant, the more likelihood there is of you losing the cutting before it matures. The good news is you can just take more at no extra cost + chances are the growers who give you the cutting might have a few tips and hints on how to grow it on for better success rates.

Can I swap seeds? If you have an image of the plant on the site and can offer seeds then Yes.

I’m not very good on websites? Neither am I so we are making the website as easy to use as possible. Any suggestions for improvement are welcome.

How do I login and upload? It’s very easy but if you are unsure get the grand kids or kids to help. It’s simply a login to the website, upload plants, take a picture, fill out the drop down menus and that’s it. There is a video at the start that explains everything.

What’s a drop down menu? When you post a new plant, you will see a box to fill out eg Colour. If you click or press it, a list of selections will drop down. You click or press the one that’s most appropriate. The video explains in more detail.

What if I get it wrong? Don’t worry, the system will start out imperfect. It’ll have lots of plants we don’t know names, types etc. These will all be ironed out. Other members will browse and send emails with their suggestions of what it might be. It’s about a community all helping each other so we encourage everyone to be as helpful as possible.

I don’t have a picture of my plant at its best/its winter? Again, don’t worry. Its about showcasing your plants so taking pictures at all times of the year isn’t a bad thing. Upload what information you have and then update your plant with another picture when it flowers. It’s just as important to see what it looks like in winter as the rest of the year.

I’m worried about inviting people to my home or visiting others? Trading with local villagers and neighbours will avoid this problem but if you are still concerned arrange to meet them in a public place eg the Village Shop or local pub.

A member tried to charge me money on collection? By signing up and using the flower points system, you should not have to pay any money. There may be a small costs associated with swapping pots, root trainer cells or compost but it should be minimal and we would hope that most members will give and take and therefore wave any charges.

Is there an additional charge for plants or even rare plants? Absolutely not. The point of this website is to reduce the costs of gardening. Even if it’s a rare plant, there should be no further charge as this is part of the benefit of being a member. If you do benefit from a rare plant, in a few years we hope you will share this plant and offer cuttings yourself.

I think a member has passed on a plant disease or pest? In gardening this is possible. It is less likely with cuttings but can happen. We ask all members to disinfect their equipment in the usual way. When receiving a plant, it’s always a good idea to quarantine the plant if possible.

What are Plant Breeders Rights? Some cuttings could be subject to Plant Breeders Rights. PBR are granted to new strains of plants that are distinct, stable and uniform eg they differ in botanical characteristics such as height, maturity or colour. Such rights can last for up to 25 years. We ask that members do not infringe such rights and require as a condition of membership that plants are suspended or removed should any Breeder claim such rights until such claim is proved beyond doubt or dismissed.

How do I make cuttings? See Advice section