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Getting Started

Getting Started

Once you register and become a member, we ask that you upload at least one image of a plant that you can offer to swap or take a cutting or sub divide. We then have a system based upon flower points. As soon as you register you are given 5 flower points. You can then upload your first plant image. You will earn 1 flower point for each plant, cutting or subdivision you give away. If you request a plant, subdivision or cutting from someone, you will be charged 1 flower point. The idea of the Flower Point system is to keep the site free but encourage people to give and take rather than just take. We ask that you upload at least 1 image before making requests to other members.

The easiest way to upload is to take a picture via your phone or tablet, Log In to the website then start uploading details on your plants. It takes a few minutes to get familiar with the system but I’ve uploaded over 40 now and its second nature. This can all be done direct from your phone or tablet.

The drop down menus are designed to make life simple. You don’t have to fill them all out and if you don’t know, leave it blank. Like me, you might not know the name of every plant so putting in the basics is fine for now. Pictures are important particularly as they come into bloom……showcasing your beautiful plant will encourage others to request cuttings and / or seek sub-divisions or swaps and this will earn you more flower points.

Once you have filled out all the drop downs and uploaded the plant, it then goes into a catalogue. You can browse the catalogue and request plants or cuttings from other people either in your village or elsewhere.

More information can be found on the instruction video at the start.